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Magnetic Wands - 6 Pieces, Ages 3+
  • Promote STEM learning at home and in the classroom through hands-on exploration with these simple, sturdy magnetic wands
  • Strong magnets encased in plastic spark interest in the properties of magnetism
  • Set of 6 is perfect for physical science learning centers, science fairs, and primary science labs
  • Get ready to explore the wide world around you with science discovery toys and tools that help kids build observation and critical thinking skills used by real scientists, school supplies,teacher supplies!
  • A Brighter Back to School: Make this the smartest back-to-school yet with toys and tools from Learning Resource trusted by teachers and parents alike since 1984!

These colorful wands have the power to attract children to the fascinating world of magnetism. This simple STEM tool encourages hands-on exploration of magnetic fields, forces of attraction and repulsion, and real-world uses of magnets. Perfect for tactile and visual learners!

Magnetic Wands - 6 Pieces, Ages 3+

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