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Extreme Geyser Tube - Science Kit for Kids - Mentos & Soda Lab Experiment - Incl
  • Grab A Soda Then Prepare For The Show: This Extreme science set has everything you need except the 2-liter soda! It includes a uniquely crafted geyser tube, Mentos candies, and 3 cap variations to experiment with different mesmerizing eruption styles: Turbo cap for runaway flow; Triple cap for fountain flow; and Soaker cap for fan flow. Try them all!
  • Combining Critical Thinking & Creativity: While your students or children are watching in awe, they’re also using their curious minds to figure out complex questions like, “How and why do these ingredients react like this?” They can try different approaches in creative ways to observe fascinating outcomes. Sounds like a real blast—and it IS!
  • Try It At School, Home, & Parties: If you’re a teacher or have kids at home, the Steve Spangler Science Extreme Geyser Tube is a must-have learning tool. Birthday parties get a thrilling boost when you include it as a group activity or a special gift-bag treat. It’s sure to become the kids’ favorite science experiment kit.
  • Enhanced Engineering: You’ve seen videos of novice experiments using similar ingredients, and they may have created messy results. Get the ideal rocket launch every time with our brilliantly designed trigger mechanisms. They ensure you don’t get soaked because the double-pull pin and tight seal deliver up to a 30-foot geyser that’s sleek & perfectly timed.
  • Encourages STEM & STEAM Learning: Projects that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math concepts create a dream team for eager young brains. Steve Spangler Science is passionate about helping girls and boys explore, gain insight, and build confidence in their skills & knowledge around these important subjects.

Bursting With Excitement: The Steve Spangler Science Extreme Geyser Tube experiment kit for kids has all the parts you need except for a 2-liter bottle of soda. Attach the tube along with one of 3 different caps—each offering a unique spray style—then drop in some Mentos candies for jaw-dropping, high-flying action! Learning Can Be Entertaining: Chemistry lessons like this are a real thrill for kids. Get them involved in the dynamic hands-on experiment, then have an enlightening conversation about the science hows and whys. Their big eyes & big brains will enjoy the whole process. A Dynamite Gift to Remember: What a fun birthday party activity or gift. If you’re a school teacher, consider rewarding the kids with a magic geyser tube experience out on the playground when the science test is done. So many fun opportunities to use this exciting teaching tool. Expertly Designed: Science can be fun, and it’s even better when you have all the right components...That’s what we include in our kit: trigger mechanisms, tight seals, and a double-pull pin for security to help avoid any messes and enhance the fun. Cheering On Future Scientists & Engineers: Steve Spangler Science is honored to help kids focus on STEM and STEAM projects to grow their knowledge and encourage confidence, collaboration, and creativity. The future looks bright when today’s young scientists are eager to learn more about technology, art, math, and more important subjects.

Extreme Geyser Tube - Science Kit for Kids - Mentos & Soda Lab Experiment - Incl

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