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1Pc Water Tornado Swirl Maker Connector Creative Novelty
Product information

Product size: 4.5 * 3 * 3cm Packing size: 15.3 * 8.5 * 3cm
Material: High quality plastic with long life.
Suitable for most beverage bottles
(non-mineral water bottles)
This is a scientific experiment toy that is both interesting and educational.
You can make a tornado in the bottle and observe your
swirl in the bottle to help stimulate children's interest in physics,
dynamics, and potential energy.



The vortex connector is easy to use, use the connector to connect 2 bottles,
shake the bottle horizontally 4-5 times, and then you will see the vortex rotate in the bottle.
You can also add pigment or washing powder to the water
in the past to add some color and foam to your swirls, which is more fun! !!


1Pc Water Tornado Swirl Maker Connector Creative Novelty

SKU: 7ee425d3-83ec-492d-8916-fc491d528c41
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